A memorable venue with unique character,

101 Donegall St. speaks for itself




Offering a blend of rustic, classic and quirky, we give you the opportunity to use our venue however you see fit, with whatever catering and entertainments you want.


Gigs & concerts

Our classic structure and unique backdrop make 101 an intimate and emotive venue for all of the performing arts. Add to that a quality, ready-to-use tech system and you've got the ideal venue!


parties & fundraisers

Want to raise money for a good cause or just have a great time? Our main space can be exactly what you need, and with easy access upstairs from the kitchen, your caterer will thank you!

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With a bold main space, cosy side rooms and capable amenities, you can lecture, discuss, brainstorm, break out into small groups and get lunch over two floors!

Rehersal space

Need a stage and a PA system to to polish of your production? We have two! With two full A/V systems, we'll help you get the finishing touches your performance.

classes & groups

From art and language to fitness and dance, our halls and rooms can be used for just about anything, by just about anyone!

Watch or scroll to see how others have used our space