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Taking a circuitous route to venue management, Mike draws on experience in mechanical engineering, construction management, hospitality and AV production to thoughtfully engage with client and attendees alike.

With experience in a wide variety of events and roles, he can anticipate your needs and offer solutions to perfectly cater to your requirements.

Mike New
Venue Manager


Temp Work

Venue Assistants

We need people who can open up, set up, handle client requirements and close up the building at the end of the night, fit to be used or cleaned the next day.


After an event has finished (often the next day), we need someone to clean and re-set the rooms; handy with a mop and brush, you'll need a eye for detail.

A/V Operators

We're looking for people who can operate our A/V equipment - sound, lights and visuals - and are keen to give clients the best experience possible.


We offer casual work on a first-come first-served basis to enable the running of events in 101 Donegall St. You'll need to be known to the staff or senior leaders at Redeemer Central as we can't currently conduct interviews.

As the venue management arm of Redeemer Central, we expect all staff to promote and abide by the aims of Redeemer Central.

We abide by the strict Privacy Policy of Redeemer Central. Click the link for more information.

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